Christian Wedding Officiant Program

Christian Leaders Institute partners with the Christian Leaders Alliance to provide a wedding officiant program that allows active Christians to take their first steps as ministers with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

What is the vision of the Christian Wedding Officiant Program?

First, this program allows Christians to become Christian Wedding Officiants.

This Christian Wedding Officiant Program opens the door for many Christians to explore a ministry role that will benefit people getting married to their families or friends. Some Christians may be called to investigate volunteer, part-time or full-time ministry, helping people get married.

Second, this Christian Wedding Officiant Program is a Gateway for More Minister Options

This first role may be God’s way of getting you into ministry. This first role may be a calling occasion for someone to explore becoming a minister or a Christian Officiant in other specialties. Many Christian who are asked to perform weddings finds that they are also called to bring the joy of the Lord to other topics of interest. The Christian Wedding Officiant Program is the gateway to more ministry roles.

Third, This Christian Wedding Officiant Program introduces you to supporting grassroots ministry training worldwide.

We have noticed that many Christians who complete this program become supporters of Christian leaders. There is never an obligation to give, but many Christian Officiants have launched the spread of the gospel.

Christian Wedding Officiant Program in All Fifty States

The Christian Wedding Officiant program has many positive benefits for people in the United States.

  1. You will be trained, recognized, and legal to perform marriage ceremonies in every state of the union.
  2. You will join a minister organization called the Christian Leaders Alliance as a clergy member; click here to see the clergy directory.
  3. You will get access to hundreds of ministry training courses and ministry programs.
  4. You have the opportunity to list your Christian Officiant practice or MinistryBiz on the Christian Officiant Directory

Here is the story of one Christian Wedding Officiant who is sensing the call to explore more ministry in her community

My name is Maria Cruz I currently live in North Hills, Ca. I took the license wedding officiant program because I have a passion for teaching, council, and ministering to marriages and couples the truth in God’s word.

I’m thankful to God for this opportunity I’m blessed to be married to a goodly man for 18 years who loves the Lord.  I believe God has given me the ability to pursue this dream because His word says He gives us the desires of our hearts. I want to honor God in my marriage and to be able to help married couples honor God and achieve God’s will for their lives.

I’m looking forward to officiating weddings now and in the future and seeing healthy, loving, and thriving marriages succeed in our communities.  All of this is guided by the faith of our Lord and savior, JESUS CHRIST.