Christian Leaders Alliance has been credentialing officiants since 2014. Additionally, Christian Leaders Alliance Officiants or Ministers receive rigorous wedding officiant training that prepares them to help couples marry in the Lord.

Credible Officiant Qualifications – The Training Program

Credible officiant qualifications are essential! Each trained officiant or minister completes at least a one-credit course where they learn crucial competencies to make the experience of getting married special. They learn:

  • The work ministry of the wedding officiant.
  • How to conduct the first meeting with the couple, and what needs to be accomplished throughout the process.
  • The theology of Christian marriage and how to share God’s design for marriage for the couple’s encouragement.
  • How to be aware of all the local laws and requirements of the state and county.
  • The putting together of a wedding program should the couple need help to do that.
  • How do you assist the couple with the vows if they need help?
  • The conducting of a wedding rehearsal should the couple want a wedding rehearsal.
  • The people-smart skills about keeping the attention on the bride and groom.
  • The basics of putting together a brief wedding message or meditation if the couple wants that in their wedding.
  • How to confidently officiate a wedding.


Each licensed or ordained wedding officiant or minister had to submit a recommendation for endorsement as someone who walks with God. Therefore, credible officiant qualifications are connected to local people who know the officiant before they get their credentials. The Christian Leaders Alliance monitors this endorsement process.


After the training is completed and the recommendation approved, officiants or ministers are posted as clergy in the Christian Leaders Alliance Directory.


Furthermore, each licensed or ordained wedding officiant or minister is local. This means they are a local officiant or minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

What does that mean for you?

Christian Leaders Alliance Officiants or Ministers:

  • They are recommended as those who have a genuine walk with God.
  • They did not get their credentials from an ordination mill, which is questioned in some states like Tennessee. All states recognize Christian Leaders Alliance credentials.
  • We are part of a credentialing Christian ministry organization that has credentialed thousands of officers and ministers through a rigorous program.
  • Are Christian and serve you from a Christian perspective.
  • Often offer more than wedding services. Many have training in other marriage or ministry topics. You can see their minister’s role in the directory. You can also see if they serve out of a local church or serve their community as a kingdom officiant or minister.


Christian Leaders Alliance presents officiants and ministers who have completed a study program because they are called to serve. The credible officiant qualifications are not transactional credentials bought at an ordination mill. When you see a Christian Leaders Alliance Credential or ID card, you can be assured that this leader has been trained and recommended to promote biblical marriage, resulting in a beautiful wedding day.

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