The website serves as the officiant program of the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Christian Leaders Alliance has been overseeing a rigorous ministry training and ordination program since 2014. This program includes credentialing that requires local recommendations and commissioning. Christian Leaders Alliance works with officiants who take local ministry seriously.

Connected to the Christian Leaders Institute, the Christian Leaders Alliance is a ministry of the Christian Leaders Institute served by an international board of ordained ministers. Christian Leaders Institute is a United States religious 501(c) 3 organization whose mission is to provide vibrant Christian education and opportunities for those called to ministry.

Christian Leaders Institute is divided into a Christian Development School (CDS) that offers non-college credit credentials such as awards, certificates, and diplomas and a Leadership Excellence School (LES) that provides a college credit path leading to degrees. The aim is to train and credential more ministry leaders.

What is a Christian Officiant? A Christian officiant is, first of all, a Christian – someone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. A Christian believes the Bible is God’s revelation to humanity from God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, written down for us.

A Christian officiant is a Christian who has been credentialed as a volunteer, part-time, or full-time minister by a minister credentialing Christian religious society. A Christian Officiant performs religious services or liturgies, offers prayers or blessings, or conducts ceremonies like weddings, the Lord’s Supper, funerals, dedications, or baptisms. Christian Leaders Alliance Christian Officiants can perform these duties on behalf of a local church or under the authority of the Christian Leaders Alliance.

While this site mainly focuses on Wedding Officiants, Christian Leaders Alliance credentials many more officiant minister roles.

This website focuses on the wedding officiant’s role within the marriage ministry. This site specializes in Christian Wedding Officiants. A Christian Leaders Alliance officiant could be a Christian who is asked to officiate at one wedding or a seasoned minister who offers to serve the officiating needs of a local community sanctioned by their local church or through the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Christian Leaders Alliance Credentialing Methodology

  1. Study Ministry Training at Christian Leaders Institute. The Christian Leaders Institute provides tuition-free ministry study courses. Complete the Officiant Skill Course (1 CDS Credit) and the Christian Leaders Institute orientation class. Click Here to Enroll in the Christian Officiant Skill Course.
  2. Join the Christian Leaders Alliance as a Licensed Wedding Officiant: After completing your studies, you can apply for minister credentials. You must submit one recommendation and update your ministry profile.
  3. Posted on the Global Minister Directory: After you are given minister status, you will be posted in the official Christian Leaders Alliance Directory
  4. . Government officials can verify the minister credentials of a Christian Leaders Alliance minister.

What is the Difference between Minister Credentialing? What Are Online-Only Transactional Documents and Credentials? Ordination Mills require no ministry training, recommendations, or local church connections. They are online monetary transactions that result in someone getting sent minister or clergy documents or credentials. Many places in the United States frown upon or do not approve of these documents.

What Are Traditional Minister Credentialing Programs and Credentials? Christian churches, denominations, and alliances grant minister credentials through programs that include:

Ministry Training Traditionally, ministers are required to receive appropriate ministry training dealing with their areas of concentration. For instance, Christian Wedding Officiants from the Christian Leaders Alliance must complete a one-credit wedding officiant skills course that covers all the essential aspects of weddings.

There are lectures, reading materials, and quizzes that are graded. Like most educational institutions, the training can now be done online, making it more convenient. Christian Leaders Alliance is blessed to be connected to Christian Leaders Institute, which delivers high-quality online ministry training.

Commendations or Endorsements The Apostle Paul modeled the principle of commendation or endorsement for the early church.

Romans 16:1. I commend you, Phoebe, our sister, a minister (deacon) of the assembly at Cenchreae.

Ordination mills do not require that someone endorses the candidate as an officiant. Christian Leaders Alliance has endorsement requirements connected to the responsibilities of the minister or officiant role. For instance, a wedding officiant needs one endorsement, a licensed minister needs two, and an ordained minister needs three.

Commissioning After someone is ministry trained and commended, traditional credentialing includes the laying of hands and a commissioning prayer of blessing. This commissioning can be done in a home church, a local church, or a Christian ministry. This practice reflects the New Testament credential practice.

2 Timothy 1:6 For this cause, I remind you that you should stir up the gift of God which is in you by laying on my hands.

Reporting Moral Failure

Reporting Moral Failure in Ministers Credentialed ministers are expected to live godly and moderate lives, as reflected in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Any form of illegal verbal, sexual, or physical abuse will not be acceptable or tolerated. We ask those who recommend any minister in the program to inform us if a moral failing disqualifies the minister from being considered in good standing.

Please email to report moral failure.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about any charges against a recognized minister.

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